• Megan
    Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant

     'Chiropractic makes you feel ALIVE!'

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  • Brook
    PR Chiropractic Assistant /SUPER CA

    “Chiropractic has helped me in more ways than my physical being.  It's essential to be my very best.  My passion is getting the word out in our community.  Contact me for outside events we could participate in!”

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  • Suzanne
    Financial & Tech Chiropractic Assistant/ SUPER CA

    “After listening to Dr. Tara's Tuesday evening Health Talk, I really got it: Chiropractic care benefits everyone and helps us live life to the fullest! Everyday is a great day for Chiropractic!”

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  • Dr.
    Tara Scharich, D.C.

    As a family chiropractor, I am blessed to work with people of all ages, both sick and well. It is my goal to help, coach, and inspire everyone who walks through our doors.

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