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We exist to create a healthy community of families living FULLY ALIVE!

With God's guidance and an incredible community of healthy families, we are on a mission in St. Joseph, Michigan to help Berrien County families live life to the fullest.

As a 5th generation chiropractor, Dr. Tara Scharich grew up believing our bodies are amazing and that healing occurs from above down, inside out. Dr. Tara's gentle chiropractic adjustments remove interference to your bodies nervous system so your body can function as it was designed.

At Fully Alive Family Chiropractic we focus on improving the quality of your life and health. We would be honored to meet you and see how we can help you and your family live FULLY ALIVE!

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our Saint Joseph chiropractor, call (269) 556-9654 today!

Dr. Tara Scharich is a chiropractor serving Saint Joseph and the surrounding area. Our chiropractor and the rest of the welcoming team at Fully Alive Family Chiropractic are committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs, whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even muscular tightness and tension. You may be searching for pain relief after an accident, experiencing an injury, or if you suffer from a specific condition like chronic back pain or a spinal condition. Even if you are looking to improve your overall health, our chiropractor can help you attain your everyday wellness goals! Visit our testimonials page to find out what our patients are saying about our Saint Joseph chiropractor and our chiropractic care plans.

At your first visit to Fully Alive Family Chiropractic, Dr. Tara Scharich will explain how chiropractic care works and give you a full evaluation to see if our chiropractic solutions are a good fit to address your needs. If there is a good fit, we can customize a plan of chiropractic care for your condition and health goals.

If you have not been to a chiropractor before and want to find out more, please contact us or call (269) 556-9654 to receive the answers to your questions from our experienced team. We also welcome referrals, so we invite you to share our chiropractic and wellness information with your friends and loved ones.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients!

  • "Do you want to feel your brightest? Do you dream of living a life without pain and thriving instead of just surviving? Look no further. Dr. Tara and the Fully Alive team are here to serve. Dr. Tara helped me to unlock not only my knee and lower back but my potential to live the life I want to live. I fully recommend Dr. Tara!"
    Maria F.
  • "Fully Alive Family Chiropractic is my first chiropractic experience ever. Dr Tara sees so many families and children and her technique is gentle. After my first adjustment... it was like putting glasses on for the first time. I could see more clearer! The world is so much brighter with Dr Tara in my life."
    Melanie K.
  • "Fully Alive has both a great atmosphere and great staff. Dr. Tara's adjustments aren't aggressive, but highly effective. Since attending ,I feel more in tune with what my body is telling me and I feel a lot more relieved. There is a strong emphasis on putting the patient's needs first and proactively health . Also, there are weekly seminars to ensure quality physical and mental health."
    Marcus C.

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